Team Info

Team Information

Yuan- Founder & Marketing Director

Former marketing manager from NewBloc Capital, major in Sustainable Management from the University of Minnesota, with unique insights into project management and business model establishment. Yuan has been involved in digital currency since 2013, and served as a marketing consultant, providing effective growth consulting services for many well-known blockchain projects including serval Top 20 projects. During the service period, the market value of the projects all achieved significant growth.

Yara- Operation Manager

Yara was responsible for the 0-1 construction of the BitMax exchange community, and later engaged in market operations and channel development in the currency market and Renren chain. Yara has 4 years of experience in the currency circle and is familiar with various project gameplay and operation methods. Yara has rich experience in project discovery and market operation organization.

Jhin- UX&Motion Designer

A designer in the blockchain industry, following multiple projects to complete the pre-development work. With 7 years of UX design experience, he has a perfect pursuit of user interaction experience. Familiar with the development specifications of Web, Android, Ios, and Material-Design, Jhin is able to use the Live2D development kit proficiently and use user feedback as the engine of continuous iteration of the product, and the extreme pursuit of perfection.

Wice- UI designer

UI designer in the blockchain industry, Wice has completed a number of blockchain original projects and served as the chief designer, and all service projects have received good market feedback, with excellent hand-painting and interactive design talent. He has independently participated in UI design work in many traditional market industries, and his extremely high work efficiency and quality have been unanimously praised by the demand side.

Jack- Tech Development Director

Senior full-stack engineer with 8 years in tech development, he has participated in the core development of a well-known blockchain’s block explorer. 3 years of blockchain industry experience, also has successive experience in two blockchain financial and financial companies responsible for mobile APP development and smart contract development, and has rich experience in both front-end and back-end interaction.

Cholan- Global Market Expansion Manager

Activision Blizzard professional game experience officer, the founder of Hexi-China, has participated in the China-US relations exchange project of Princeton University as a representative of Asian Americans and has rich experience and exclusive skills in user experience feedback and cooperation expansion. Unique personal experience gives him unlimited potential in IP cooperation expansion and project marketing.

Vini- Project Management Director

PMP-certified project manager, blockchain enthusiast, serves as the general manager of Holiday Inn brand certification under IHG InterContinental Hotels Group. She has Scrum Master certification and many years of project and commercial operation management experience. For project management, she can provide the most effective problem-solving methodology from all aspects, fully optimize project operation structure, and have a good ability to control key nodes.

Don- Legal Advisor

Well-known lawyer in Minnesota, USA, Doctor of Laws, specializing in criminal litigation and commercial litigation, corporate contract, and compliance handling. He has been in the industry for more than ten years and has professional qualifications in federal and state courts. Close tracking and research on emerging legal issues and the blockchain industry.

Paul - Token Economic Advisor

Paul is an experienced data scientist, operations and product management with over 10 years of experience in financial modelling, data management, business planning and operations. Being a serial startup entrepreneur since 2008, he is known as the Head of the data science team at Veeam Software, the USA-based tech unicorn which was purchased for $5 billion in 2020. Paul has degrees in management and engineering, while the core focus and interest during his career are emerging technologies. In crypto since 2017, he analyzed numerous white papers and business models of blockchain startups and participated as an advisor and investor in a few recognized startups in this sector.

Based on the above team background, the construction of the Vmates core team has met the necessary conditions for basic technology development and market promotion. During the project operation, it can fully attract users to participate in multiple levels such as: player feedback, gameplay innovation, and market operations. Player experience is the first goal of continuous iteration.

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