Vmates Intro

What is Vmates?

Vmates (MATE) is a social NFT pet development game based on Binance Smart Chain. In Vmates, players can participate in: the development of NFT virtual pets, battles, series of games with social attributes, and build their own homes and commercial facilities in the PLAZA social square to jointly realize the establishment of the NFT social meta-universe.

According to the plan, Vmates will expand multi-chain support including HECO and Ethereum, implement data interoperability to achieve zero barriers for players to get started.

The Original Intention of Vmates

At the beginning of the establishment of the Vmates project, pet development and NFT social positioning were the basis for the establishment of the game:

Cultivating Pets

Nowadays, with the continuous increase of social pressure, pets have become more of a people's spiritual sustenance which has given birth to a growing pet economy. At the same time, raising pets requires a lot of time and economic costs which sometimes discourages people to own live pets. However, traditional virtual pets have serious homogeneity due to their centralized existence which cannot effectively stimulate users' enthusiasm for participation. Therefore, the emergence of "NFT virtual pets" can effectively circumvent the above problems. Through the unique record information of NFT, virtual pets can be endowed with the characteristics of life. Thus making them their exclusive partners, and through the subsequent function expansion of Vmates NFT virtual pets can accompany and bring joy to its users throughout their daily and work life.

The original intention of the pet development part of Vmates is to integrate the virtual pets brought to life by NFT into the user's daily life. There will be real-time interaction with the pet during work or leisure adding fun to daily monotonous routines.

For Vmates' pet raising game mechanics, please refer to our NFT PET product manual.

NFT Social Networking

Based on the unique mechanism of identity verification and information recording brought by NFT, the PLAZA open social square established by Vmates has become the door for Vmates to explore and introduce the NFT social meta-universe. Vmates will support the use of NFT pets as the player's profile avatar, develop anonymous social channels for players, and establish a new social model.

Under the condition of complete anonymity given by blockchain technology, Vmates uses NFT pets as nodes to connect players and supports peer-to-peer and peer-to-face multi-directional social functions. While establishing pet breeding as a basic social topic, Vmates integrates open small games to increase the interaction between different users.

In PLAZA, players can freely build their own homes, various commercial facilities, and earn their own income through social interactions with other players such as: trading, games, and cooperation challenges.

For the NFT design game mechanics of Vmates, please refer to our PLAZA social square product manual.

MATE Token

The official Vmates pass is MATE with a circulation of 20 million. The initial issuance is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and will be issued and mapped on multiple chains including the HUOBI Eco Chain (HECO) as planned.

For more token details, please refer to our MATE token information page.

Team Background

The initial members of the team all have backgrounds in well-known companies in various industries including gaming, consulting, finance, and law. All team members have long-term tracked the development of the blockchain industry and have high expectations of this new technological innovation. Several members have abundant experience in the blockchain industry, and play a core role in well-known blockchain projects at home and abroad. The team members aim to empower the development of social virtual pets and the construction of the NFT social meta-universe through the blockchain. They're also committed to bring interesting blockchain products to their friends, families, and the global market.

Please refer to our team information page for detailed initial team members.

Join Us

Email: Contact@Vmates.io

Twitter: @Vmates_official

Telegram: t.me/vmatescommunity

Discord: discord.gg/jhsD2XYJJ3

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