Development Plan

Development Process:

Achieved √

  • The core team is formed and built

  • Build the project infrastructure

  • Market research and basic gameplay modification

  • Improve product planning and sample design

  • Prepare the token issuance and replenish team members for financing


October, 2021 - Expand the development of basic infrastructure and expand cooperation IP in the industry

November, 2021 - The first version of the pet cultivation and staking module on the website will be launched, and IDO will be carried out

December, 2021 - Integrate with ETH and HECO chain, realize the interoperability of dual-chain certificates, and log in to the centralized exchange

January, 2022 - Expand the internationally renowned pet IP image and launch the desktop pet development client

February, 2022 - Integrate into the Ethereum chain, realize the interoperability of multi-chain tokens, launch the social square and launch value-added service packages

March, 2022 - Improve the auction system and cooperate with auction houses in the industry;

May, 2022 - A mobile pet raising system will be launched to optimize the advertising service model

July, 2022 - Expand to customers outside the blockchain circle and comply with regulations;

October, 2022 - Unity3D engine will be used for product iteration, and the pet image and social square will be reshaped in 3D

2023 - To be continued...

Follow-up Ideas

a). Incorporate into the VR suite, so that users can experience immersive social interaction, and further enrich the gameplay and their experience

b). Introduce the concept of animation two-dimensional kanban girl, and further introduce the well-known East Asian animation IP image. Broaden the audience and increase the new gameplay for animation

c). Join the investment advisory system, promote digital currency wealth management products in the form of dialogue with NFT partners, and establish contacts with asset management institutions in the industry. Players and users can participate in combined high-yield strategy investment in a small volume. Funds will be locked in the contract and dynamically adjusted according to the rate of return. Vmates will carry out actual asset management holdings and charge investment advisory fees making Vmates an expert in helping players to make money.

d). More to come...

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