MATE Token

Token Basic Information

Total circulation: 20,000,000 MATE

Token Address:BSC, Ethereum, Heco, Polygon(Matic)


Audited by Hacken

Token Economic

Early investors: 5%

∙The token quota is allocated to early investors in the form of token sales, and the tokens will be exchanged for the necessary funds and market support in the early stage. ∙12% unlocked in the first month, linear average release in the next 11 months.

IDO and other public offering channels: 1%

∙Reserve for IDO and public offerings, sell early market circulation tokens at market prices. ∙25% unlocked in the first month, linear average release in the next 3 months.

Team share: 10%

∙Rewarded for participating in the development and outstanding operation team members, used to motivate members to participate. ∙Locked with 12 months' cliff and 24 months unlock.

Advisory: 8%

∙Rewarded to the advisors and incubation team, half of them will be allocated to seed incubation support following the private sell unlock model and half will be rewarded to advisors. These tokens are used to motivate them to help Vmates to earn more useful resources that benefit all the game participants. ∙6% unlocked in the first month, linear average release in the next 24 months.

Ecosystem(Game output): 25%

∙Log in to the game, invite early participants, participate in social activities including virtual pet battles, virtual pet display, or participate in the construction of social squares, all have the opportunity to obtain official game output tokens, of which 40% are pre-social functions. Leave, 10% is reserved for participation rewards, and the output tokens will be based on the remaining tokens, and every 50% reduction will trigger a halving mechanism.

Market Building: 12%

∙Used for the establishment of the game community and supporting publicity system, and the expansion of the IP cooperation for pet images in the early stage, also reserved for the Airdrop rewards. ∙5% unlocked in the first month, linear average release in the next 24 months.

Liquidity and Cooperative mining output: 12%

∙By cooperating with third-party platforms to produce MATE tokens through staking/LP mining, the liquidity and participation of MATE tokens in DEX will be improved. ∙10% unlocked in the first month, linear average release in the next 18 months.

Partnership: 2%

∙Reserved for the close coopearted projects for partnership and exchange outside tokens. ∙Locked with 3 months' cliff and 24 months unlock.

Reserve: 25%

∙Reserved for future game output for 12 months, start to unlock after 12 months with the updates of the new game function.

Token Acquisition and Application Scenarios

In the early stage, players can participate in official events or obtain a certain amount of MATE tokens from the secondary market to meet their own game needs. MATE tokens will be used to purchase limited virtual pets, virtual pet development items, and participate in the PLAZA.

After players get started with the basics of the Vmates game, they can earn MATE tokens by raising their own virtual pets and participating in social games. Vmates does not limit the total amount of MATE tokens earned by players from the game. On the contrary, Vmates encourages all players to find effective ways to make their own profits in the game, participate in the construction of the PLAZA, and jointly realize the NFT social meta-universe.

MATE Token's Production Reduction and Deflation Mechanism

Among all the 10 million MATE tokens officially reserved by Vmates, the reward distribution of tokens will follow the permanent halving mechanism. When the token distribution in the reward phase reaches 50%, the subsequent reward tokens will be paid half and start the next reward stage. Vmates officially sells limited pets, rare virtual pet blind boxes, and all MATE tokens raised by pets, 5% will be permanently destroyed to achieve deflation, and will be disclosed and implemented on a monthly basis.

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