Introduction to the PLAZA

After the player has cultivated his own virtual pet, the user can choose one of their pets to enter the PLAZA presented in the form of an open sandbox game.

Vmates encourages users to post broadcasts in their channel, or engage in peer-to-peer social interactions with intended users. Users can also engage in one-on-one pet battles or item trading with their designated players, or participate in regular pet competitions to obtain additional MATE token revenue.

At the same time, Vmates PLAZA integrates basic social game functions and builds the game in the square. The square will reserve a DIY area to support players to use their imagination to build a series of infrastructure such as: homes, booths, and battle platforms.

Basic Description of the PLAZA

Social Interaction

Vmates distributes identity information through the on-chain address bound to the NFT pet, and relies on the bound identity information to achieve basic peer-to-peer social and peer-to-peer social interaction. It also supports basic social functions like chat and active interaction among players. At the same time, it relies on the uniqueness of identity information brought by NFT.

These are some of the following social interactions of Vmates:

Pet Battle

Each pet have 4 fighting attributes which is ATTACK, DEFENCE, HP and AGILITY.

👊🏻ATTACK:The attribute affects the damage

⛑DEFENCE: The attribute reduces the damage

🩸HP: When HP goes to zero, the fighting is failed

❤️‍🔥AGILITY: The attribute affects the sequence of attacking

Before the start of the battle, users of both parties need to mortgage the same amount of MATE tokens as part of the bonus pool. Vmates will provide additional token rewards based on the real-time battle heat.

After the start of the battle, both parties in the battle-field will each get 10 random skill cards. The user chooses whether to activate the cards to release the skills according to the turn-based system. Each skill can cause 50-100 damage or offset 40-60 damage and consume the corresponding attack/defense points. The green attribute-level pets will initially have 80 points of health, and each level up will gain an additional 30 points of health. The opponent's health is exhausted during the battle to win, or after 10 rounds the party with the highest remaining health will win. The winner will receive MATE tokens in the prize pool.

Support team 2v2 or 3v3 battles, or challenge BOSS in a team of up to 5 people to get high MATE token rewards.

Social Games

Social games will include popular chess, board games, and other types of games. Players can freely choose the amount of bonus pool for participating in games and consume MATE tokens as the base to participate in the game. Through the game, they can earn MATE tokens and find their own partners to enrich their social network. Participation in social games has the opportunity to win MATE token rewards given by Vmates official events.

Pet Show

According to the costume charm value (accumulated through the combination of pets, costume decoration attributes, and player MATE token consumption mathematically), and player voting, each player will get 5 votes per day, and new players will be invited to join to get an additional 2 votes. Vmates will select the 10 most popular player pets every week through the comprehensive score of charm value and voting, and distribute MATE token rewards according to the ranking.

Pet Market

Players can use MATE tokens in the pet market to purchase restricted pets or rare pet blind boxes with a minimum of blue attributes. Among them, 5% of Vmates' income will be permanently burned to ensure the stability of the tokens. The pet market supports the trading of pets with blue attributes and above. Even if players only have white attribute-level pets in the early stage, they can participate in the transaction to obtain income after careful development. The transaction will be carried out in the form of pricing and auction. Each transaction will be officially charged. 3% of the amount of tokens is used as a commission fee.

PLAZA Construction

Official Construction

The Vmates team will obtain 30% of the non-transferable land in PLAZA in the early stage to carry out the necessary infrastructure construction in the early stage, which will include: the player hall, the official show, the game platform, and the trading floor to meet the necessary infrastructure for the early needs.

Commercial Construction

PLAZA will reserve 10% of the core area space as commercial space. Players can use MATE tokens to obtain land use rights through auctions, build battle venues, exhibition venues, or trading shops, etc., and freely define the venue within a certain range. In the rules of the game and the participation fees of other players in order to obtain MATE token revenue, Vmates will tax 5% of the revenue generated by the player, and this part of the land can be transferred.

Home Construction

20% of the PLAZA area will be reserved for home construction land. After the pet has achieved the blue attribute, the player will be able to purchase a piece of land for themselves at a price to build his own exclusive home, or choose to purchase a part of the land to build together with other players. They can also obtain/buy buildings through daily tasks or MATE tokens Materials, create their own exclusive home, support open displays or invite others to visit. This part of the land can be transferred.

Free Construction

PLAZA will reserve 40% of the land as a free construction area. In this area, the land is auctioned at a basic price. Players can obtain the ownership of the land forever, and use all basic materials for free construction. Vmates will not construct, use any intervention, or charge follow-up fees. Vmates will support the linking of other blockchain products. All rules and developments in this area will depend on the players themselves.

Linkage with MATE token

At the PLAZA level, MATE tokens will be used to pay for the game base, land purchase fees, auction fees, and as well as the purchase of optional building materials for construction. At the same time, users can use their own business activities to earn MATE tokens after obtaining the venue. After generating revenue, Vmates will collect 5% of the revenue MATE tokens as tax. In addition, users conduct NFT pet transactions on the official trading market, and MATE tokens will always be the core settlement method.

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